R.O.W collection available now

“Fuck.”, you might say, “So damn cold outside !”. Well, no wonder dumbass,
at least it`s winter.  “And all of my shirts are worn out and that little fuck at the skatepark stole my longsleeve!”, you might cry.
Now you can officially relax, no need to kill yourself! Here`s the solution for you little fucks: The brand new
SCREWED clothes with totally retarded, one-hundred-percent
non-hipster graphics ! So fresh you can actually still get high from sniffing at the paint !
Here`s what we have in store for you:
A great, no wait, a fucking great quality black hooded sweater, with some sick skate-mutant on the back that already found a good place on a teambuddy`s arm.
A more than deranged back-printed only longsleeve, featuring a nice big painting of a skateboard sandwich !
A truly devastating T-Shirt, sporting a killer graphic of one hell of a halfpipe.
Go screw your boutique shit !
On top of that, and to encourage blasphemy in any way, because it`s good necessary fun, we made another quality sticker that comes with every r.o.w. piece you buy.
You losers might also wonder who the hell drew that pieces of art, guess what, it was done  by Deso and Mico ,the hell bent maniacs over at R.O.W Skateboards. That`s damn Rednecks On Wood for you, straight from Slovenia to kick your art school student arty farty ass !!