Sergej Vutuc " Constellations " chronology

Every once in a while we invite skateboarding artists to show their work here in Konstanz, south of Germany. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the art has to be about skateboarding, but all of them skate. We meet them while travelling or know them from working together or they just became friends, like Sergej. I know him for a while from those "Boardstein days" when we both contributed photos from time to time or met at contests or tradeshows. We even collaborated with some hardware for one of his early books that were screwed to a piece of skateboard - still one of our favorite items in our small collection! Sergej developed an artistic, unique style with his photography over the years. He's published tons of zines and books, showing his and other peoples' work, did a lot of shows all over the planet, ran the legendary Basementizid gallery for years, exhibited lots of important artists and now as I try to finish this sentence I recognize that this list could go on for a while, so I'll stop! You get the idea or know him already, the man is a travelling, working horse in this "skateboardish" artworld for decades, not only as a photographer but also as a publisher, writer, painter, gallerist, philosopher and musician. We were very happy when he confirmed our invitation to do a show here in Konstanz and when he finally came he smashed our expectations with a huge display (which was a hell of work) and a crazy sound performance as "Helmut Vutuc Lampshade".

Thanks to Lichtblick, Kulturbüro Konstanz, Silke,Max, Luca, Tobi, Jörg,Torben,Eddy,Sirka and Albert for your help and support to make it happen!