OT`s Screwed&Konstanz edit for Boardstein R.I.P

In memory of Oli “OT” Thurau`s obit we want to show you this unreleased short video he partly filmed and edited almost a decade ago for that Boardstein Magazin DVD that never came out, featuring screwed teamriders and friends from Konstanz. Since Oli never finished the clip, the list of contributing filmers got lost. Sorry for that! Music: first part by the “Hangups” second by “Dead Horse” featured riders in no specific order: Pipas, Ferit, Tino, Pudi, Muki, Patrick M., Piper, Yari, Hans, Albert, Bernt, Xandi, Giuliano, David, Chris P, OT (rip), Thorsten, Alex S. , Jörg, Kasper , Matt, Andre, Anders, Pete, Chris V. , Bjoern, Denis, Martin, Ruben, Patrick K., Daniel, Weste. R.I.P OLI !!

screwed roughcut from screwedhardware on Vimeo.